Study the Bible with the Church, Past and Present


Do you know someone who is unable to access on-demand audio using a smart phone, personal computer or tablet? Thanks to Dial-a-Podcast they can now listen on their phones to Pastor Weedon’s daily 15-minute Bible study, The Word of the Lord Endures Forever. They simply need to dial (618) 262-0078.

And if they’re not located in the USA, they can also call any of the global Dial-a-Podcast numbers and enter the podcast code E-N-D-U-R-E (363873).

Does your congregation have a podcast for sermons or Bible studies? Dial-a-Podcast is offering a no-cost multi-week trial to 10-20 Lutheran churches interested in providing feedback.

Dial-a-Podcast takes less than five minutes for a one-time setup, is less expensive than mailing CDs or cassettes and is created by an LCMS member of Messiah Lutheran Church in Seattle.

For more information, contact Andrew Ferguson at (206) 948-1701 or email